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English proficiency verification

The following candidates are exempt from the interview verifying knowledge of the English language at B2 level:

  • with the Polish new matura exam – the matriculation examination in English at the advanced level passed with a result of at least 60%;
  • have an International Baccalaureate diploma issued by the IB Office in Geneva;
  • have a bilingual educational diploma European Baccalaureate;
  • graduate from a Polish secondary school or a school/university abroad, where all classes and exams were conducted in English;
  • have a certificate of English language proficiency at least B2 level. The list of certificates is available at this link English B2 Certificates.


Important information for other candidates who do not have abovementioned documents:

Interviews will be conducted via Skype, after a candidate registration in the e-Rekrut system, submission of application (programmes selection and confirmation) and the registration fee being paid.

The detailed information with a date and time of the interview will be sent individually to the candidate’s account at e-Rekrut system within the deadline of registration.

If a candidate fails to participate in the interview, the candidate’s application for admission to a programme will not be considered.

The assessment criteria of the English proficiency verification:

The interview consists of three tasks:

Task 1: Candidate’s self presentation on his/her educational attainment and career goals.
Task 2: Text related discussion.
Task 3: Topic related to the chosen field of studies.

Marking criteria:

1. Task performance (maximum score: 7 points)
The candidate is expected to:
– give clear presentation of his/her ideas related to the tasks
– expand and support ideas with relevant arguments and examples
– refer to and explain various viewpoints on topical issues giving the advantages and disadvantages.
2. The range of lexical and grammatical structures (maximum score: 5points)
3. Linguistic correctness (maximum score: 5points)
4. Pronunciation and fluency of speech (maximum score: 3 points)