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KUL Doctoral School

Postal address: KUL Doctoral School Secretariat, Room CN-013, Al. Racławickie 14, 20-950 Lublin, Poland,
e-mail. phd@kul.pl, tel. 81 445 41 89, 81 445 41 29
Registration of candidates for the Doctoral School for the academic year 2023/2024 – from July 03, 2023 to August 28, 2023.

Dear Candidates,
We would like to inform you that the interviews for candidates to the KUL PhD School will be held online, using the Teams platform.
People admitted to the interview will be informed electronically about the date and time of the interview.
More information soon.
Good luck!



KUL doctoral school offers PhD programmes in the following disciplines:
1) philosophy
2) history
3) linguistics
4) literary studies
5) art studies
6) law
7) theological studies
8) social sciences
9) pedagogy
10) canon law
11) psychology

Programme of the KUL Doctoral School

Terms and conditions of School recruitment

Admissions rules and schedule


Payment account number is generated individually for each candidate. After confirming the choice, you can check the number  by choosing the “Recruitment Fee” tab (RECRUITMENT -> Recruitment Fee).  Payment of the fee is understood as accounting it on the KUL bank account. Please check if the information about accepting the payment appears in messages RECRUITMENT -> Messages).

23.06.2023 – meeting of Evaluation’s Commission

03.07. – 28.08.2023 – electronic registration of candidates / submission of required documents through your online account

04 – 11.09.2023 – assessment of applications by Evaluation Commissions

18 – 19.09.2023 – interviews (We would like to inform you that the interviews for candidates to the KUL PhD School will be held online, using the Teams platform.
People admitted to the interview will be informed electronically about the date and time of the interview.

25.09.2023 – publication of ranking list (results). Your result will be released to your online account

26 – 27.09.2023 – confirmation of admission in the online account and submission of the required documents in accordance with paragraph 13.1

28 – 29.09.2023 – additional Committee proceedings – admission of candidates from the reserve list, if applicable.

29.09.2023 – confirmation of admission (candidates from the reserve list) in the online account and submission of the required documents in accordance with paragraph 13.1

The rules of the admissions procedure are set out in the attachment to the Resolution of the Senate of the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin of January 26, 2023, regarding the conditions and procedure for admission to the KUL Doctoral School for the academic year 2023/2024.

KUL Doctoral School – Detailed Assessment Criteria for 2023

Guidelines for Candidates – 2023 – detailed guidelines for a research project and an interview can be found here

A candidate for the doctoral school submits the following document portfolio in an electronic version (scans) by the date (Term of Submission) specified in the Annex to the Resolution via an individual online admissions account:

  1. a diploma of graduation from a long cycle programme, an MA degree or equivalent. If the diploma was obtained outside Poland, it should be legalised or bear an apostille;
  2. a research/scientific curriculum vitae, including information about:
    1. research publications;
    2. research grants obtained in competitions organised by domestic or foreign research grant institutions;
    3. grants obtained internally at a university or participation in a research team (Researcher, Research Assistant evidence confirming the abovementioned research activity  has to be uploaded in an electronic version:Publications:  only three most significant publications, containing information about the author, title and type of publication, date and place of publication confirmed by the  candidate as true certified copies.Grants: a certificate confirming awarding the grant issued by the relevant institution.
  3. description of a research proposal (an initial concept of the PhD dissertation), specifying the research interests and the relevant subdisciplines; the research proposal can be written in Polish or English; the maximum volume of the text should not exceed 10 pages A4 (top and bottom margins of min. 1,5 cm, right and left margins of min. 2 cm, font – Times New Roman or equivalent, 11 points, single spacing); descriptions that do not comply with formal requirements will not be considered;
  4. the document confirming the future supervisor’s agreement to take up doctoral supervision after admission to the doctoral school; in  case the canditate for the supervisor does not comply with the conditions set out in § 12 of the Rules and Regulations of the KUL Doctoral School, the supervisor is required to submit a declaration to obtain at least 140 points for at most 3 publications within one year in the period including the year in which the application is submitted and the last two calendar years preceding the date of submission of the application, in accordance with the current ministerial list of journals and publications, including at most one scientific monograp:
    1. supervisor’s declaration template,
    2. assisting supervisor declaration template,
    3. declaration for potentials supervisors with appendix (if selected supervisor does not have any grants).
  5. in the case of choosing the English language track, a candidate is required to submit a document confirming English language proficiency at least at B2 level issued by the licensed certifying authority (list of certificates confirming English proficiency), or the KUL Department of Foreign Languages, or BA/MA diploma confirming that the medium of instruction and exams was English, or they should be holding a citizenship of an English speaking country;
  6. a declaration to respect the Catholic character of the John Paul II Catholic University in Lublin (download the declaration);
  7.  a declaration of having no criminal record or any disciplinary penalties, as referred to in Article 308 of the Law on Higher Education and Science (download the Certificate);
  8. a 35×45 mm photograph, in a standard matching the requirements applicable to identity cards in Poland (and passports in EU and most other countries);
  9. in the case of diocesan priests and religious (members of religious orders or congregations) – a referral for studies from the relevant episcopal authority or major superior – in the case of diocesan priests and religious (members of religious orders or congregations);
  10.  in the case of laymen of the Catholic denomination applying for an admission in the field of ecclesiastical discipline (philosophy, canonical law, theology) an opinion from the parish priest in the parish of permanent residence;
  11. When a candidate’s master’s degree was not obtained in a field in which the doctoral programme will be pursued, a candidate must obtain a consent from the Board of the Institute in the discipline of the doctoral programme prior to the qualification procedure, with exception of points 6-9 below. (please visit Terms and Procedures for the qualification procedure to the KUL Doctoral School for the academic year 2023/2024). Terms and conditions for this consent are determined by the particular Boards of Institutes;
  12. nostrification document of the diploma, if required; (nostrification of diplomas – NAWA);
  13. certified translation into Polish of the diploma issued originally in a foreign language;
  14. Foreign candidates shall also submit:
    1. copy of a passport – data page;
    2. copy of the health insurance policy or a declaration of joining the NFZ health insurance system upon commencing the programme (NFZ declaration)
    3. for candidates opting for the Polish language track, a document confirming knowledge of the Polish language: – a certificate of completion of a course in Polish for educational purposes at least at B1 language proficiency level, issued by entities designated by the Minister competent in Higher Education, or; – a certificate confirming knowledge of the Polish language at least at B1 level, issued by the State Commission for the Certification of Proficiency in Polish as a Foreign Language, or; – a high-school diploma or a higher education diploma, issued under the Polish educational system, or; – a document confirming completion of a secondary school abroad, with classes conducted in Polish.

Candidates qualified for enrollment as doctoral students must submit, by September 27, 2023, a set of documents including:
1. originals of all documents submitted in the electronic version through the recruitment system (e-Rekrut);
2. a form confirming commencement of education at the Doctoral School at KUL, printed from one’s account in the e-Recruitment system;
3. a statement that, when accepted, the candidate will be a doctoral student only at KUL Doctoral School.

Foreign candidates may apply to the Director of the Doctoral School for an extension of the deadline for delivery of the original documents indicated in item 1, point a); document Terms and Procedures for the qualification/recruitment procedure for the KUL Doctoral School for the academic year 2023/2024.