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Biblical Studies in English (stacjonarne)

Systematic Theology in English (stacjonarne i niestacjonarne)

Doctoral studies in systematic theology are offered to foreign students who have an MA Diploma in theology (or equivalent, according to Polish legal regulations and the canon law of the Roman Catholic Church).

The study of Roman Catholic theology widens the student’s general knowledge of humanities and philosophy, providing profound knowledge of Christianity with special attention devoted to the Catholic faith from historical, biblical, dogmatic-doctrinal, moral, spiritual, liturgical, pastoral and canon law perspectives. Our graduates are prepared for independent research work in the field of Catholic theology. They possess the necessary skills to fulfil various roles in the Church and society in the domain of transmitting the faith, organizing of pastoral and charity work, and to perform other tasks belonging to the mission of the Catholic Church.

A graduate – on defending a doctoral thesis – obtains a diploma of “Doctor of Theology” (Doctor Sacrae Theologiae) and is prepared to deliver lectures on various aspects of systematic theology. The PhD programme lasts four years (8 semesters) and is divided into two parts. The first two years are devoted to lectures, conversations (workshops) and seminars (300 hours per year). At the end of the second year students take an exam required by the Congregation for Catholic Teaching: Licentiate Sacrae Theologiae. In the final two years students focus on writing the doctoral thesis (the lectures and seminars are limited to 60 hours per year).